Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The LAZY daze...

As I drove home from school this afternoon I caught a glimpse of a boy, about 10 years old, tooling around on his bike in Scott's Corners. It reminded me of when I was growing up here in this small lake community, where if you were a kid, your age didn't matter, you had one job this last week before Labor Day, and that was to help everyone in the neighborhood squeak out every last drop of summer. You had to make sure that you rode your bike, swam in the lake, played daily games of baseball, and nightly games of flashlight tag. You were out of the house by 8AM and in around 10PM (or later) maybe, if your mom was lucky, you would grace her with your presence at dinner, if only for the reason that you hadn't eaten a thing all day, other than the ice cream you begged Jack the GOODHUMOR man for. He was such a cool guy in his vintage truck with hand bells and a white uniform who you could set your watch by (3:30 PM). (see example of similar)

I thought about this kid today, who seemed to be searching for his friends, or someone to notice that it was the last week without homework! I wonder if he realized just how lucky he was, kids living only 1000 ft from where I spotted him started school today. Somehow, that just didn't seem right.
All this nostalgia brings to mind another point. Kenny and I ventured without kids in tow to Saratoga this weekend. That in itself is loaded with recollections. I remember on one particular HS visit to Saratoga, my mother and I getting into a disagreement and I got out of the car when we stopped at an orchard and I started to walk towards home. I got 7 miles away before my mom caught up with me. I refused to get into the car, I was bound and determined to find the next payphone to call my dad so he could come get me. I had $50. in my pocket, which was MAD money he had given me, I guess I wanted to see if it worked? I remember visitng with my first college roomate Joyce. We snuck up to her boyfriends cottage in Broadalben, they stayed there for the weekend while I headed through TOGA on the way to my grandmother's house in Granville. I stopped at the Stewarts and bought a coffee. I also went 50 miles out of the way to get from the lake to her house. Then there were too many adventures with Colleen in town, my roomate as well. She grew up in Clifton Park. We seemded to frequent town quite often, concerts, bars, the track to see Paul (Kenny's roomate and best friend) and the amazing dinners we had with Paul's dad and friends. More recent, attending Speedskating camp, the swims with Amy in Desolation, Tinney's (one day we will get ribs on Thursday), riding with Kelly and Alison (remarkedly I think that the orchard I spoke about above is the same one we frequent on our rides?), the Jonesville Store, The Battlefield rides (did you know there is a town named VICTORY nearby?), the awesome (I am completely jealous of)famers market on Satudays, and just hanging out with the friends I have made in the area. Saratoga, in the summer (and the fall, winter and spring) has seemingly become a second home to me. This past weekend lived up to it as well. Kenny and I went to the market, to Jonesville and to the Mill for dinner with Kelly and VIc. It was relaxing and a wonderful way to spend my final weekend of summer.
An interesting thing about the market, prior to going to Korea, this market always seemed like a very large and awe inspiring place. Its not quite as large as the Lancaster or Redding Terminal markets, but it has a much different vibe to it, more wholesome, more in tune with the environment, more like a community. After Korea, the market seemed small, still wonderful, but not quite there yet in terms of all a maket could be. The Saturday marketplace I visited had a performance space not just a stall, and so many market stalls that it covered six blocks square. There were venders of all kinds, food, goods, livestock... some in designated spaces, some just lined up in alleyways on the ground. There was also a distinct smell to the place, and what has me comparing is related to smell. All the greens I ate in Korea were called lettuce. There was a smell/taste I knew that I knew, but I could not put my finger on it. When Kenny bought some turnip greens this weekend it was a bingo moment. One of the greens I ate frequently was turnip as well as mustard, Sesame, romaine, redleaf...

Labor Day is fast approaching, and by then my first week of the school year will be over and the lazy daze will be just a memory. I am already wondering what next summer will bring...maybe adventures in Iowa? (Ragbrai?) I know that without a doubt, my adventures with Pete will have a new chapter and by then I will have 2 kids out of college. I guess we will know 10 months from now? Happy Fall!

On another note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNA (your party was amazing!)

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