Sunday, January 31, 2010

In the pursuit of Warriors

We drove to DC this weekend with two things in mind, home cooked Indian food with Richard and the hope of seeing some of the Emperors Warriors. As it turned out, we were the ones who were the warriors, getting there at least. Snow started to fall about 10 miles outside of Baltimore, and within 10 minutes the city of Baltimore disappeared. It took almost as long to get from Baltimore to DC as it did for us to get to Baltimore. It was crazy. People drive way TOO fast in the snow, as if they are invincible. In the span of a mile on 295 we saw 5 accidents on the southbound side and an equal number on the northbound side, which made me wonder who was off the road first and who was off the road do to rubbernecking.
We arrived at Richard's and decide to head downtown to the National Gallery via the Metro. We stopped on our walk to the train to eat some noodles at DC Noodles. As we made our way downtown I stuck my fare card in my pocket next to my phone. I figured that would be the safest place for it (maybe if I wanted to demagnetize it, rendering it useless- I had flashbacks of the London tube when KD couldn't get out) We spent about 3 hours in the National Gallery, viewing the special French Drawing exhibition, the Medieval metalwork, the Rodin and Degas sculptures, and the European paintings. We then walked the length of the Mall, which was a bit surreal in the snow, most of the landmarks disappeared until you were right on top of them. We were followed by this couple from the South and their two little kids who had never seen snow. We were tickled to here them declare that this was like a desert only it was snow. Back to Richard's for some Indian food, company, wine, ginger martinis, more wine...and a very interesting morning today.
We had originally gone to DC in hopes of viewing the Terra Cotta Warriors, but stupid me, went to buy tickets too late, they were sold out. we couldn't get in. So, after the breakfast of champions (a spanish omelet with Jalapenos, tomato juice, coffee, toast, vegimite and crackers...and tea) we set out to find something to do. We hit up the Farmers Market at Dupont Circle. After posing in front of Ghandi, and sipping more tea, Kenny and I bid Richard farewell and headed to Phili where we indulged by making a pit stop at Pat's Steaks before seeing Anna. Essentially, hangover aside, it was a glorious weekend. The pics include a seemingly random shot or two (KD and Trish these are for you, you'll appreciate the fact that the fare card was not the only technical difficulty) Some are indicative of how I felt at various times this weekend.

Next weekend- Placid again followed by a jaunt to SLC, then Milwaukee, then SLC, then Phili...I am so looking forward to Spring!

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