Friday, January 15, 2010

A question of faith...

I am in one of those modes where my heart pines to be in my studio 24/7 dredging up my soul. The work, when completed will speak for itself, that is if my head survives the struggle.
I went out to dinner with one of my oldest friends tonight. Its always been one of those relationships that there is never anything held back, cell phones off and guts on the table. I rarely speak about my work as I am creating it as I fear that the energy will somehow escape with the words. Tonight, I couldn't hold back, it poured out of me like a fountain. The conversation only validated what I was doing, as if he was breathing more life into it. An addition to my studio playlist was made:

Today, in the studio, two intricately carved chalices of the twelve sat on a bakers rack ready for the kiln. Two chalices that held the soul of my trip across the pond and 10 years of wrestling with my faith. Two of twelve that had a very specific question inscribed on the bottom that raised an eyebrow or two. My question is why chalices, and why 12, and why is my head spinning?

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K Pugliano said...


This is one of the most beautiful pieces I have seen- and it is still not complete.