Monday, January 11, 2010

about the game of Chess

So... there is this thing about Kings, Queens, Knights (maybe in shining armor or better yet, glazed over? ), Bishops (casting off all that may or may not be evil), Rooks (reminding us of home) and then there are the PAWNS (those with the royal regalia, pomp and circumstance stuck in their heads as if it were some sort of sick joke...)

I feel like my life is a chess game lately as I try to juggle studio and sport, heartstrings and conscience (more like Catholic GUILT) and TIME.

I spent today teaching and yearning to get back into the studio to finish the goblets I started yesterday. I was blown away by the fact that my hands choreographed that form on their own yesterday. Its as if a former love had been speaking to them and leaving me out of the equation. My plan to carve the forms with details that were inspired by the insides of the cathedrals made even more sense. Today, however a new turn of events as the stems went on, they started to resemble chess pieces. How fitting. NOW WHAT?

For some reason, I can't seem to get Henry the VII out of my head. I felt like I had walked on hallowed ground at the Tower of London where he beheaded his wives. I walked on his grave in Windsor, where he was interned with one of his infant daughters (was she killed by him? how did she get there?) and then there is Catholicism thing ...

Yep, this is typical of my life as ARTIST, a virtual WAR going on between my head and my heart. I am always the bystander and always clueless as to what needs to be said until it is finished. Its a long drawn out game, not tiring, but always confusing. When I reach Check Mate...I will shed some light on babbling, until then your guess is as good as mine!

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