Tuesday, July 1, 2008

White Pond or bust?

It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day today and we headed out about 10 AM to go for a picnic and swim at White Pond in Stormville. I wrestled in my head with the best route for us, Chris had a headache that was bordering on nauseating and I hadn't really ridden in 2 weeks due to firing schedules and studio work. I was thrilled to be out there, but looking for ways to make a 50 mile hilly ride less hilly, after all we have to repeat that distance two more times this week, tomorrow and Thursday. So I decide we will head up towards Carmel, and instead of shooting up route 52 cut through Towners road to Fair Street and head out to Holmes and then up to White Pond the back way. Ok, me, the one with a GPS in my head, made a wrong turn and we ended up back tracking 5 miles (yes almost home) and decided to change our route. We road another 6 miles or so then hopped on the trail and headed south to Millwood for lunch. We then headed north to Granite Springs and headed home around the reservoir. When all was said and done, we road 48 miles. Out again tomorrow, this time, WHITE POND OR BUST!

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