Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mt Beacon Revisited (time on my BEHIND included)

It started out innocent enough, Anna and I decided that we were bored enough that a hike was in order. Seeing that I really wanted to explore the top of Mt Beacon once again, we headed West. The trail is very steep and covered with loose rock, not enough to call it scree, but ...(you get the picture I am sure). On the way up, despite my fitness level I was working hard. We passed a few of the foundations for the chair-lift towers.I still can't believe that all the history written about the place, there is no mention of the ski area. Anna was stung by a hornet at one point, and we narrowly avoided an angry swarm. The incline railway station, complete with gearing mechanisms is the first area of great interest, the next is the foundation of the old hotel. The views are incredible and make the hike up totally worth it. On the way down, Anna and I stopped to pick blackberries and spotted a black bear doing the same (which caused our efforts to cease as we quietly excused ourselves as she had the advantage of being uphill from us).On the way down, we were discussing the days happenings and trying to avoid the hornets nest, when all of the sudden I lost my footing and tumbled down the slope, ankle crumbled underneath me, a loud pop, instant pain, instant swelling and 1/2-3/4 miles of difficult terrain to go. I was sure it was busted. I decided however that if I could get out, I should try rather than call for help. SO I scooted down the steep part on my butt, used the stair railings for support when we got there and used Anna's shoulder for a crutch when we got to the graded woods road at the end of the trail. A stop at the deli for a bag of ice, and off to the ER we went. I sat there for 5 hours to have my riding hopes dashed. A visit to my ortho today left some glimmer of hope. In the end no fractures, an Achilles sprain, a high ankle sprain, a script for PT, intervals on a trainer, swimming, and a whole slew of work to get done so that I can ride in two weeks (hopefully). FINGERS CROSSED!
On another note, I think I am doing battle with this mountain, as my mother tells me that I tumbled out of the chair-lift as I tried to lift the safety bar to get off. Apparently, it was one of those things that scared a great deal of people at the mountain. Funny, I remember falling out, but all this time I thought it was at Mohawk Mountain, and to think I cringed as my kids learned how to ski there.

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