Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It has ridge in the name... therefore...HILLS

Well, we tried to get out of the house earlier, I think that is going to be a training goal this week, leave before 8AM. It was so nice to have my training partner back and we pulled off a nice 33 mile ride today that seemed to be longer, we were crusing on the flats and not really struggling on any of the climbs, but it took much longer than expected... maybe it was the climbing, or the heat. We stopped to refuel at the bagel place in Ridgefield. We also payed leapfrog a few times, saw a few fawns, got blown away by some leggy twenty something who came out of nowhere and had a nice swim in the lake at the end. Not much on milage but the elevation profile proves it viable. Still working on picking up the cadence.

Chris and I took off quite early this morning aiming to have breakfast on the hudson in Cold Spring. This route was only partially new to Chris. The first half was previously covered the day we had headed to PA. This morning, however, once reaching the NB bridge we headed south on 9D instead of crossing the Hudson. We took our time in a sense, and enjoyed the day, which started out as a humid, cloudy mix but ended up being windy and bright. We stopped at Mt. Beacon for a few minutes to look over the trailhead sign. I was surprised to see that the ski area that was once present on that mountain was not mentioned (DUTCHESS)
I remember skiing there so vividly as a child that even to this day when I cross the Newburgh Beacon Bridge going eastbound I am drawn to looking at the ghost of the area.
We continue down route 9D and through the tunnel and on to Cold Spring where we picked up some bagels and the Cold Spring Bake Shoppe and headed down to the river to sit in the shadow of West Point and eat and listen to the war games going on across the river (artillery fire, heli pursuits, etc)
After about an hour we finally get up the nerve to head home, and some real discussion ensues as they way we planned to head home has a 1100 ft elevation gain over 7 miles, they other way would add 30 miles to the trip... I am not particular to either, so I let Chris make the decision. We opt for route 301 and head to Carmel knowing that we will be climbing for about an hour. As we arrive in Carmel, with 65 miles on the odometer, we stop for frosties before heading home. When all was said and done, we covered 72.89 miles with a pretty impressive profile.


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