Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How its going? (the journey)

“One solution is to just let all the striving, all the thinking, all the fatigue, all the worry, all the self-contradictions, all the need-to-strive, all the pain, all that other pain, and all that other pain and fatigue and worry and striving and need-to-strive over here and under there and on your head and hanging onto your shoulders, just drop. And enjoy it. You're out there. You're trying to do something tough. Enjoy it. You've got pain and fatigue and self-doubt, but it's okay. Enjoy the craziness. Enjoy each moment, but ESPECIALLY enjoy when you're out there, and whenever things are completely un-enjoyable, when you're totally wrapped up in the mentality of overwhelming challenge and need-to-prove-yourself, remind yourself that you have a little mental screwdriver that can pry all that open and let the light in. All it takes. The un-enjoyable is just tinfoil. If you wrap it up (instead of being wrapped up) it becomes a bright little ball for a kitty-kat.” 

I received an e-mail from a really good friend las week or so and while I don't usually share these things, this one, meant so much to my psyche that I thought I would put it out there. I am continuously amazed at all the support that I am receiving for this journey. It means so much. 

Kenny and I spent the weekend in Lake Placid. We had a wonderful time, I even managed to get him out into the woods on snowshoes while I skied alongside him. I think he liked it, but I am not quite sure. Speaking of skiing the more I get out there the more I had come to realize that my equipment was just not right for my ability and personality on the trails. I tend to hate groomed trails, prefer to cut them myself even. I love skiing in the back country, hate the dictation of direction of a XC center. I actually hate having to pay a trail use fee, unless I know its actually going to preserve undeveloped space. It warmed my heart to see a DEC tag on a trail that "mandated" xc skis or snowshoes for winter travel on their backcountry trails. I would gladly fork over $$ to preserve that. Anyway, as I get sidetracked here, my equipment sucks so I made one small change this weekend. I found a backcountry boot that fit so well I felt like I could ski down the Niagara Headwall at Whiteface on toothpicks in them. I changed the binding and kept my skis until I decide on the perfect "BC ski". I couldn't wait to try them out. So this morning, despite the prediction of rain, I drove to a great old school XC center in central CT to try them out. Yes, I said XC center, and I expected what I got, groomed boring trails that have little or no challenge to them. I was going to see one thing in particular, how comfortable was I on the steeps. I managed every single black trail, and despite the taboo against doing so, I skied them in both directions. I really didn't see anyone out there (maybe three people total) so I didn't really think it would be a problem. I fell once, skiing uphill on by far the steepest trail in the place and I know why I fell, I overcompensated for the steepness and leaned way too far into the terrain. So how did the boots fair? All I can say it what a difference a good pair of boots makes. I managed 7 miles in about 1.75 hrs time. I am ready to conquer the Niagara headwall on toothpicks…Lunch was so good after that - old school prices for that too (grilled cheddar cheese with egg on wheat- 3.00)

Praying for snow this weekend!

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