Friday, February 8, 2013

5AM phone call

Snow day, not sure if it was warranted but somehow it feels like I needed it. Its funny how I ended up awake about 15 minutes later than usual, I couldn't seem to get back to sleep after the phone rang. I decided to take advantage of the lack of snow to get my fast 6.5 mile walk in. I arrived home just as the snow started to pick up. Now, a few hours later, despite the refueling, I am so tired.

The past two weeks of training have been tough mentally. I know what needs to be accomplished but finding both the time and energy have been difficult. It has been hard to get myself out there, even with the constant stream of support from Kenny and others.

The best motivators?

1. My friend Chris Hartman (Hartman Strength and Conditioning) posted this article to his page:

2. My husband Kenny continues to tag me in inspirational motivators on FB

3. My friend Alison shared this: 

4. My friends keep asking me, pestering me even, about how training is going wanting to know what they can do to help.

Today's workout was challenging and I spent a good portion of it thinking about how I was going to prove those who have told me this is event would prove impossible wrong. This was a huge mental battle as I was wheezing enough to want to just quit. I found myself having to get angry about the conversation all over again as I slugged along at 4mph.  This made for added exhaustion later. I know I am wired like an endurance athlete, despite my size. Even these training battles are not new to me. Its hard to do this alone, its hard to do this in the dark, its hard to do this when I am exhausted after teaching all day, and its hard to do this when I am so distracted by other things. I expected all of this, every single stitch of it. I know that I will be completing this alone, in some darkness, carrying most of my own gear, having to deal with things like temperature changes, loneliness, aches, pains and even hunger in a very remote setting. So every mental battle I have has to be chalked up perfecting my training.  Still its not easy.

I have listened to some great stuff lately too. I finally broke down an bought that Lumineers album I have been thinking about for awhile, I have caught up on Faith Middleton. The latest episode on the  brain was so pertinent and helpful.  The Moth Radio Hour and The Story are always good for a laugh too.  Then there is the shuffle of music on my I-phone. (I will sappily admit that I was so inspired when Billy Bragg's  "I Keep Faith" , was followed by Carolina Chocolate Drops "Run Mountain", The Subdudes " Lets Play", Fun's "Carry On",  Zac Brown's "Chicken Fried" and finally Trampled by Turtles "Alone") I am also liking fitting into my clothing better, though the weight loss is somewhat elusive. I think I have more energy, even though you would never know it today.  My brain is awake but my body is exhausted.

I have finally gotten around to setting up my Crowdrise page for the event. That can be found here:
Please consider helping preserve the ridge and come join me up on the ridge to see for yourself why the place is so special!

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