Sunday, December 23, 2012

I had a good talking to at dinner last night the minute I brought up my plans to complete this endurance challenge. I left quite discouraged with the mantra that I was way out of my element, didn't belong in the company of fast runners that do ultras for a life sport and training or not there was no way in hell I could sustain a 4MPH pace for 50 miles despite making it a point to train at that pace, especially if there are hills. While I gathered myself together this morning to get out there and say FTS to anyone who doubts my ability and wrestle with whether or not I have to curtail how often I chose to be in the company of such doubters I honestly asked myself a serious question, am I in or am I out? I am in and to anyone who has the nerve to say I cannot accomplish something I say this is a FREE world and even if May 4th comes along and I only finish a fraction of the event I will know in my heart that I tried, it was for a good cause, and was better for it. SO pardon my French when I say FU! I went out this morning with several goals in mind. Clearing my head of nonsense was one of them, as was sustaining a steady pace for 2 solid hours on varied terrain. Guess what, 8 miles ravenous later I can honestly say I am well on my way up that mountain! It will be ugly at times (see above photo) but I will be persistent.


Alison Edwards said...

Way to stay focused and to believe in yourself! I'm proud of you:)

Kaari said...

Don't listen to the doubters--you have a goal, you have the will, you will do this! Maybe some skating would be nice cross training :-)