Thursday, December 20, 2012

day 13 - half way back to a habit

I have been diligent about working out on the schedule I set for myself. I am enjoying the way it feels, remembering the good, even relishing in the sore muscles. I am still excited over this venture yet I am scared too. Accomplishing a 50 mile trek in one day, no matter where it is is a long way to go. I will do this laughing at myself, in spite of myself, and for myself! I was in Lake Placid this past weekend and enjoyed getting back on my long track skates. Its been too long. I have spent this week mostly on my feet. They key I am told is to finish every task with a 5 minute walk. There is a 5 minute passing time between classes, finish each task with a 5 min walk, the miles and time on your feet will add up. Today's agenda? Going for a hike! Tomorrow is intervals. Sat I hope to hit the first leg of the course. (finish every task with a five min walk) Thanks goes to Bob Tysen for the help with great fitting shoes (and the 5 min tip)!

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