Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off the couch and running

Its been a really LONG month, not sure why, but it seems that my life has been on an automatic scheduling pilot that will not let me out of the 14 hour day scenario. I have been so busy lately but at the same time if you asked me I would be at a loss to tell you why. 

My studio work has been a whirlwind with some great idea threads and some new learning happening, though my recent firing was a disappointment: great colors, great pieces but stupid scattered carelessness left me with several raw pieces meant to be glazed and several cracked pieces making it into the kiln. I should have just said I am too busy for this and opted out. I was too rushed and though I like the direction of the work I produced it would have been better had I just slowed down and took care to get things done properly. 

In the classroom I have been trying to re-invent myself. I think I am at a place where I have been doing this dog and pony show so long that its feeling like it needs to be dusted off and renovated. This may be the source of my latest time suck… 

I had come back from Utah lighter, more fit and excited about staying that way. My biking, or any exercise for that matter has taken a back seat to this recent time suck however and this morning I decided enough was enough and went out and did day 1 of the C25K workout series then walked another 30 minutes on top of that. I am trying to take the 1 hour of moderate exercise and portion control approach (500 cal deficit plus 500 cal deficit). Part of this new approach came from listening to NPR about the new findings about weight loss. I basically have to be willing to put in that kind of effort to combat the hormone rebound they are talking about. Twenty more days of this approach will make it a habit. 

My friend Kelly was instrumental getting me out there today and kudos to her for pushing me out the door. It wasn't if you decide to go out, it was more like this is where you go to find the app (C25K) and then you go…"the first 2 miles are going to hurt but then you will find your rhythm". That was that, I did it! 

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