Thursday, November 17, 2011

Its been awhile

I have run, I have lost (6 lbs since I started) and I have signed up (to receive the notification for the NY ING Marathon lottery announcement). I have tracked my food, my exercise, my stress level, my pain and I am progressing nicely, though I have this nagging pain in my lower calf that seems to be attached to my knee which is attached to my gracillis, which is attached to my piriformis …wait a minute those 18 repeat ascents up Devils Kill Road in Roscoe in 2003 that tore that muscle are still haunting me? Thankfully an old college friend and team mate is coming to the rescue, thanks Rich.

Today I have been dealing with two emotions, one of sheer joy, an exhibition proposal for NCECA was accepted.  With that elation was the sudden PANIC of having to pull something that I thought there was NO chance of happening together by Feb 2 and install it in Seattle (mind you 4200 miles away) during the last week of March. I have never felt total elation with punched in the gut mixed together before, its really interesting. (OK, still trying to resist the urge to hurl and pinch myself at the same time)

Reducing life to one step at a time...

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