Sunday, April 11, 2010

The last day of Spring Break

Off to the Apple Store again this morning, my laptop is finally fixed after needing a new HD for the past 7 months and no funds outside of the usual to fix it. My trip yesterday alerted me to the fact that it was recently a recall and it would be fixed for free. YAY! no more fighting over the computer!

I should be in my studio doing some work right now, or at the very least be out on my bike. Its a gorgeous day, the last day of spring break, I should not squander it. I sit and think about that thought, I haven't squandered, I have worked for about 2 hours making beads out of used bike tubes ( I KNEW I WOULD EVENTUALLY FIND A USE FOR THEM!) I sketched a bunch of stuff. I looked for a bunch of stuff in places I wish I hadn't (sorry I can't even disclose that info as it was TMI for me the seeker to begin with). I read a bunch of blogs, no, not the blog party blogs, but the blogs my students have been keeping about their artwork. I also caught up on the phone with several people, except MIKEY - where are you Mikey? I haven't spoken to you in at least 3 weeks!
It seems that everyone in the family has spoken to him in the past week other than me. I wrote a press release, texted a friend in Hawaii to say Happy Birthday (Yes, I waited until it was a decent hour there- as painful as the waiting was). I also contemplated subscribing to Three Minute Fiction- you know, for inspiration, OK, maybe to squelch the thought that I haven't given myself time to read.

So now what, well, when I finish this post, I need to go finish some carving on my latest place settings before the clay dries out too much. Tomorrow, its back to school and back to a date with my bike afterwards!

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