Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gold Coast revisited

So I have this friend that suffered a pretty bad crash last fall on his bike. He lost control going over a speed bump and broke 8 ribs, separated his shoulder and punctured a lung. Needless to say, getting back on the bike was not an easy task. I have been neglecting my ride lately, I think the first day out was so discouragingly painful that I almost lost interest. I am so tired these days, I am not sure if its the proverbial plate catching up to me or if its something else. Regardless I decided that the best way to renew a relationship with my ride was to revisit the Gold Coast, Norwalk (Calf Pasture) to Southport. I invited Jim to come along. The ride is fairly flat, with just enough traffic to keep you concentrating but nothing unpleasant. The VIEWS are incredible! It was also the route that I took my first time back on the bike in 1999 after a 15 year hiatus due to a crash. I rode that day (March 26) in a small group of 12, on a vintage trek 560 (6 speed cassette, down-tube shifters) with a nor-easter baring down on the coast and blowing squalls of snow. I remember being afraid to take my hands off the handlebars to point out debris in the road, and I remember all the damn grates along the side of the road and how horrifying they were to me. I remember dying after 16 miles. I remember how great the greek food was afterwards. I also remember that I REALLY liked the ride. This is why I chose the route for Thursday. It was the perfect route to get Jim back on his bike and the perfect route for me to get my head over the burnout I was feeling.
I had had a bad day. One of those days that I haven't experienced since the beginning of my teaching career. My students baited me, and I took it. I then stepped on that escalator and things ended poorly. Lots of feelings hurt, including mine. I approached this ride with my tail between my legs. I needed to relax. It worked.
So why the picture of my cat thrown in? Part of my week has been dealing with a stressed out kitty. She was an indoor cat until yesterday. We are not home enough to keep her entertained and happy. She sits by the window all day wailing, wanting to get out. Last week, she even snuck out unnoticed when I went to the train station. I arrived home to find her on the steps chasing a bird. She has not been the same since. So yesterday, I introduced Dig E. Smalz to the wonders of the outdoors. I felt like a dork. When I had a cat we just let her out but that was when VET BILLS weren't untouchable. So, until she has her insurance instated, I will keep her on a lead (and let her lead). I was amazed at how fast reality hit her, she was actually afraid, skittish, a lap cat again but she was in HEAVEN. I also noticed that when we returned inside, she was old self again, I even woke up with her lying on top of me as if she was a kitty not an 18 month old.

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