Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Its been an interesting week. I put my kid on a plane to Salt Lake City via LAX and waited on baited breath until he told me that he was picked up at the airport. I then awaited for the results of each race praying I would also get the skate by skate details out of the teenage voice instead of his fingers. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind texting, I am just not good at it on a touch-screen phone. I had one of the most enjoyable field trips of my career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, though it did remind me of the importance of the studio work I have been neglecting lately. I spent 6 hours on the ice chasing blocks at the last short-track meet of the season on Saturday oblivious to what the rain was doing to the world outside the ice rink. Apparently all hell was breaking loose south of Newburgh, old growth toppled, utility poles snapped in half and parkways turned into boat-launches complete with ducks and other water fowl. On Sunday I wish I had gone back in for the camera when we left for NYC, as the storm damage had to be seen to be believed. I also spent 3 unexpected days at home as school was closed due to electrical outages and I actually was so overwhelmed with stuff to do that I did nothing. I guess it was relaxing. I got out and about with PODRUNNER and caught up on "Stuff you should know". I managed a bunch of time in the studio too.

So, now that the weekend is approaching and there is no meet to run to and no traveling to do, I am happy to greet the spring with sweat-equity and tend to the yard and the house and the studio... and maybe, just maybe dodge the pitchfork from the coach and get some decent miles in (time to document with blue signs included - Alison this year's tally has begun!)
Now for some college hoops!

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Alison said...

It's all about Balance! You just gotta stop along the route and feed your spirit with the beauty that surrounds us, while your beating the hell out of your body. If you don't, when you fall into a heap of exhaustion you'll have to wonder what was it all for:) lol