Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Nuances of Body Language

I went to the gym after school today. I could feel a migraine brewing and came really close to bagging it. One of my colleagues actually suggested that the workout may make me feel better, and quite honestly he was right but only to a point, its a few hours later and I'm back where I started, though it was nice to have a bit of a reprieve. I'm glad I didn't bag it though. If I had I would have missed a laughable experience.

I decided to get a coffee on my way home. As I was getting back in the car this speeding object on the sidewalk caught my eye. It was a wheelchair motoring along at mow down speed, it looked like the guy was doing at least 45 MPH. It caught my eye because he hit a bump and almost flipped the thing and he nearly took out an old lady. I looked at his face. It was focused, determined, aggressive...he had the body language of a speedskater racing the race of their life. I stopped to watch him. He crossed the parking lot of Starbucks where four people leapt out of his way, then cut across the street mid-TRAFFIC mind you, nothing was stopping him. Why was he racing?

I thought about one of Kelly's entries a few months ago, and found myself trying to imagine how she would write about this. This in turn led me to yet an entirely different parody. What philosophical thoughts would be paired with this scene if it was Andrew writing? There would definitely be some sort of enlightenment. What was interesting about this is that as soon as I logged on tonight I ended up having a conversation with Andrew about this very thing.

I find myself thinking about the Olympics quite a bit this year. I am not sure if its because I have a few friends involved with the team, or if its because I know that one of them, Trevor, is having the experience of his life right now and I know how excited he must be. It gets me thinking about the persistence and determination required to make it that far. The expression on wheel-chair mans face reminded me of that development.

I delivered Chris's old slideboard to the coach that taught me about strength training today. In between my own sets I watched him as he completed a plyo workout that was quite intriguing. I could see a hint of that same intensity that I spoke about above as he proceeded to complete several reps of this circuit that contained a series of jumps, box jumps, sprints on the treadmill and medicine ball tosses. I found myself studying body language paired with the dynamics of movement. I would say that despite the pain he was in, he was generally enjoying the workout, which according to Andrew is the most important component of training (I agree). His focus was unwavering. On the other hand, I also watched several students ditching their "ab work". No one would know. I found myself wishing I had that liberty. I am embarrassed to even attempt "ab work" in front of anyone. The student's body language was entirely different, it lacked determination.

I have spent time in the gym with a colleague who is intense about his workouts to say the least. I am trying to decide where I fit on that spectrum as I push farther with each workout. I don't want to give up, yet I seem to lack some drive lately. I know that my body language speaks volumes. Maybe I need to just see the money in the bank to gain back the confidence?

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Michael Looby said...

You struck a chord--a variation of what I've been thinking. This season has been a frustration: an injury early, with two recurrences. I've found it difficult to regain the drive or the focus. Fear of reinjury? Yes, but it's not just that....there is something else. I can't quite put a finger on it, and the only hopeful part is that it bothers me. Because that is true, I know that I'll bust through eventually. In the meantime, though, it's as you say....the body language tells the tale.