Saturday, March 20, 2010


I started to think about this yesterday as I was out with my friend and colleague. KD used to race but he hasn't been on a bike in a year and a half. He and his wife just had babies a few weeks ago so he is sleep deprived. So riding with him, as a well seasoned cyclist should be a piece of cake, right? It dawned on me 3 miles into this adventure that riding with BOYS is very different than riding with the girls. I started to reflect on this thought as it popped in my head when we cruised by the sign for Silvermine Historic district and I wanted to stop for a photo-op, something Alison and I have started to do consistently last season that from a teaching perspective is an interesting way to document life on two wheels. I find that most of the shared rides with BOYS don't allow for such nonsense, its always about go, go,, work, scenery appreciation, no slowing down. Last season I cruised by the most beautiful meadow at break neck speed. I thought about stopping to take a photo because the colors would help me so much in the studio, I chickened out and committed it to memory instead, which never serves anything of that nature well. The practice of documentation Alison and I share interestingly enough was started by my son Chris a few season's before thanks to one of my other colleagues, Deej, who is a history teacher.

In anycase, I blew by the sign yesterday, found myself wishing I didn't have to worry about being dropped on every hill. I actually did stop caring at one point, which was good, no excuses, no whining, no bad feelings. As KD and I wove our way through New Canaan and Wilton, we marveled at how nice things were. Finally, I said screw it, stopped and took one picture. I was dropped on that hill anyway. I was going to hear it anyway. So one shot, not a historical sign, just a cool waterfall on Mill Road in New Canaan. Our ride lasted about an hour, with the last 10 minutes consisting of KD searching for this one hill to have me experience being pummeled on. It was equivalent to the steep part of Hillside, about as long without the 2 mile lead in. Nice KD, you have successfully allowed me to formulate in my mind that riding with BOYS will always be laden with competition and pitchforks! Cameras are not really necessary. As for riding with BOYS, I can't wait for another ride with any of you, KD, Jon, Steve, Kenny, Chris, Justin...just know I am onto those subtle nuances and if I stop to document the experience you will just have to wait. Also remember that the TORTOISE always beats the HARE!

Today was another story all together. I spent two hours working on my bike and then Kenny's. I let Justin take the car to work with the thought I would ride to get it. However, I left my helmet and shoes in the car. Kenny is off on my day's adventure by himself and I am out for a walk.

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K Pugliano said...

Love this post and the point of the tortoise and the hare! So true!

Looking forward to "Riding with Girls" this summer ;)