Friday, March 8, 2013

going out for a ski on snowballs

Another snow day and because of it our April break is reduced to a 3 day weekend. This being said I decided to make the best of it and go out for what just may be my last ski of the year. After yesterday's 10K I am sore and tired and it took me the better part of 3 hours to get my butt off the coach. When I left to ski I was thinking I would spend a good 2 hours working. I would ski a stretch of the North County trailway where I knew I could spend a good 3 miles before there would be a road crossing. I was armed with a peanut butter and sliced apple on rye and a trusty container of easy glide wax. I knew the snow was sticky and despite having waxless skis I also know that in those temperatures snow will stick to the bottom of the skis without it.

My ski was frustrating. I skied in about a mile and got stuck. Looking at my tracks I could have created a village of snowmen from all the balls of snow that seemed to form along the way. Skiing out was slower and seemed to be more work than walking up a cliff. I didn't feel like hoofing it so I struggled through it. When I reached my car I re-waxed the skis and decided to try a more wooded area. Anglefly preserve was better but still challenging. My skis were pulling up snow, only this time I was moving a bit more freely. After a short while, actually it was really only 10 min, I feel something odd on my leg. My camelback snagged on a shrub and the bite valve pulled off. Just as I am realizing this I loose my balance from all the swiveling around and down I go. I laid there getting soaked and unable to get up because one of the bindings froze and the water tube was stuck behind me and I was off course lying on the pouch. 1 think it took me a good 15 minutes to free myself. I was soaked! I decided to hoof it out of the woods.

 I guess I am out for a walk later.

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