Sunday, March 10, 2013

a whole lot of miles

The past 4 days I have spent a considerable time on my feet, about 50K actually (30 miles). I am marveling at the fact that while I am sore when I stop for a break, after a shower and a bit to eat, I have bounced back to normal for the most part. I still need to use my roller and lineament religiously. Yes I did say lineament and while you are conjuring up visions of your great grandparents smelling of mothballs and Bengay, understand this, peppermint and camphor are really good anti-inflamatories as well as analgesics. Your GGma's knew something! Just don't apply until a few hours after a shower or you could poison yourself with the menthol. 

I am getting excited about my event, and getting nervous too. Its 8 weeks away, I have started that ramp up to April 7th when I will do an 8 Mile/30mile/8Mile weekend which supposedly will get me through the 50 miles. At the same time I have started that mental battle of reducing the distance to swallowable distances. such as (4) 12.5 mile efforts. Actually this is the breakdown: 
I can leave supplies, and I plan on doing so at the Lyons Road stop. I have learned a few things already. Toenails need attention in the same way fingernails need attention when I am throwing on the potters wheel. If they are even the slightest bit too long, which is not too long at all, my toes hurt at any distance beyond 5 miles. I will need to change my socks every major aid station to prevent blisters (10-12 miles seem to be the distance my wool sox will hold up before friction sets in). I have found that the boost I get from PB and apple slices on rye seem to be better than anything else right now. I have learned that I can only handle about 60 oz of water without supplementing other liquids. Dates bother me once I have hit 10 miles, so despite what the No Meat Athlete  preaches, they just wont work as an exclusive source of energy. I am thinking I just might need those jelly beans! Debbie, the occasional coke still works stupid good! 
So back to the work week tomorrow followed by hill repeats and the chiropractor. One more day before I wave the white flag for 24! 
About the event:
2. Volunteer if you can (then I can see you on the course)
3. Hike the ridge that day and maybe you'll catch us going by. 

Until next time...

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