Saturday, August 13, 2011

AwA (adventures with Alison)

I look at visual contour of the acronym AwA and it basically describes the past couple of days. It started Thursday morning, a 2 hour ride that was supposed to be off road in Clifton Park turned out to be a trail ride because the single track available did not afford us fairly new technical riders any warm-up problem solving time, you know a bit of double track or even wide single track with a few technical problems thrown in. The trails were also un-marked and without any kind of map, topo or otherwise, it made for some nerve-wracking moments. We bailed after 15 minutes and rode the bikeway instead for the next 2 hours. Upon leaving the park we met up with this guy who was very involved with SMBA, something I just joined last week on my travels east from Utah. He told us that this area had a nice double track loop with lots of easy and intermediate single track that were off shoots, as well as plenty of black diamond terrain. He also offered to show us where to ride with him in the park we were just leaving. We declined, but thanked him whole heartedly for the info and the time. Alison was under a time constraint and quite honestly, even though there were two of us, the thought of AX MURDERER crossed my mind (nervous LOL) which was a switch from my usual worry about breaking an appendage or ending up like Aaron Ralston, pinned and forced to amputate.
After departing I found myself perusing the farmers mkt in Balston Spa for dinner. It was interesting to buy for only one person. I had no clue what I wanted, or needed so I decided to go with what looked good. For a total of $15. I could have fed 4-6 people. I bought a pound of heritage pork sausages, some california peppers, 6 rolls, a bunch of candy striped beets, a bunch of tuscan kale, a cucumber, some romaine and a box of cherry tomatoes. Dinner was a romaine and kale salad (cucumber, radishes, carrot and tomatoes too), steamed beets (of course I saved the greens) and sausage and peppers on fresh rolls.
Friday morning we had planned a road ride but with the disappointment of Thursday's ride, we decided to head off road again, this time in Saratoga. This was an exhilarating change! The guy we spoke to (Ax M) was correct in his description of the place and armed with a trail map (its surprising at how much confidence that creates) we headed hit those trails hard, even venturing off onto a few black diamonds after warming up. We crossed a great wooden bridge, needed bug spray, different lenses in the glasses and nerves of steel in a few places (the hornets nest hanging in the middle of the line of travel at chest to face height yet hiding in a shadow- man that had the potential to ruin a day!!!) , balls in others (the rock decent that was short, stepped, steep and had an abrupt t-turn at the very end). After a solid hour of pedaling and 30 minutes of sight seeing we emerged super-charged, dripping with sweat and HUNGRY!!! This was nothing that the Fortunate Cup couldn't fix. After some quality time with Mom's I met Alison again for a round of golf (hahahaha, my first). This was an experience. I survived even though I was FORCED to play right handed (lol). It was one adventure beer fixed. I was so stoked afterwards that I sent my dear CUZ a note about how I played my first round of golf and feel like a part of the family now (my parents were avid golfers until I came along. They decided I was better suited to tennis or softball). His response: only if you are a BAD golfer!!! Thanks Noah (LOL)

This morning, a ride around the lake, no not Saratoga, but Round. I was in search of this elusive village that EVERYONE tells me exists and that I would LOVE (HAH) after 15 miles at 17 MPH (2 of them on a brindle path and all without water) I decided I give up, I couldn't find it!

Next weekend? Camping in Shelbourne, VT with Kenny (Mtn biking and pub crawling)

Now? 127 hours (read the book already - in it for the scenery and NETFLICKS usage)

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