Thursday, November 26, 2009

I think I am too busy?

I am now in the mode that I need to get everything off my plate but I am realizing that I am so busy that the plate is overflowing. Breathing is taking a back seat lately. I am now in a frenzy to get studio work done. I assigned my students HW that involved them assigning me an assignment. The original thought was that it would challenge me to stretch in my studio practice. I am feeling like I bit off so much more than I bargained for. They assigned 13 portraits, one of each one of them in the way that I see them and in their typical medium. I have grande plans for this. My idea really has me RACING this morning, but as I embarked on my studio work this morning I realized that I am so not accomplished in graphite. Practice, practice, practice, but this deadline is looming (Jan 4th).
In anycase, I am blogging about that too because I don't have enough to do (actually, its because I am always asking them to show process and I want to model the behavior I am preaching). If you want to follow along (promise not to laugh).

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Lisa said...

Yeah! See you in Minnesota! I will be there (not skating though). I will probably have a white coat on and a white bucket hat.